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My name is

Julian Mateus

I am a Colombian visual effects artist, who trained at Lost Boys School in Vancouver, Canada. With extensive experience in developing surreal videos, passionate about pushing the limits of what is possible with visual effects.


As FX Artist I participated in the Sonic 2 and Distant movies, providing realism and art to enhance the viewer experience.

With clients such as Pull & Bear, Mullberry, Adobe, and the Institute of Digital Fashion - IODF, we have developed high-impact and surreal visual projects that generate amazement and high brand recall, such as the campaign developed with Pull & Bear for the Primavera Sound 2022 in Barcelona - Spain, projected on the festival screens, that surprised with a spectacular brand presence.

I am passionate about intervening in real scenarios with 3D works in public spaces that achieve disruptive hyperrealism with a high impact on the viewer.

Copia de brands_edited.jpg

Passion, effort and constancy.

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