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Making the impossible possible with Visual Effects

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SANDRO / París

MULLBERRY / Reino Unido

MANGO / España


The launch of the SANDRO store in the Champs-Elysées was supported on social networks by this satisfying video with the Asian theme that the brand managed.

The renowned fast food brand VICIO, promotes its milkshakes with this curious and shocking video of the arrival by sea of its iconic glass.

Valentine's Day is a special date for MANGO and its fashion jewellery line, and this year it was presented with this elegant and satisfying video.

KL Jeans  with a series of creative and impactful videos made a spectacular arrival to the city and the launch of its physical store in Madrid's Gran Via.

Julian Mateus / VFX Artist

Freelance artist expert in Visual Effects, conceptual and creative developer, passionate about achieving amazing results in videos of high visual impact and that are trending in social networks to major brands in the world that have relied on his work.

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The revolution in social media 

Videos FOOH

Mateus VFX has been one of the pioneering freelancers in the realization of the nascent FOOH ads that are designed to provoke emotional responses in the public and capture the attention of users of social networks. FOOH advertising is taking brand presence to previously unreached limits, with (CGI) Computer Generated Images to create captivating ads that mix real environments with disruptive and exuberant elements that generate high brand recall and voice-over. Here we tell you about the process: