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How to make a video FOOH
(Fake Out of Home)

The revolution in social media advertising

The Concept: Every FOOH video starts with a fantastic idea, either from our clients or from our own creative minds. This concept is then translated into a mock-up, which provides a visual preview of the details of the video. While the mock-up serves as a graphic representation, it may not accurately reflect the final result.


The video: We kick off with footage from real scenes, sourced from image banks or captured using devices like cell phones, cameras, or drones. The shots may range from aerial perspectives to ground-level views from a pedestrian's standpoint.

How to record the videos: Our guide, accompanied by graphics, outlines specific camera movements that enhance the quality of video shots, setting the stage for effective interventions.


The FX: We bring the magic to life by crafting 3D models and animations, strategically placing them in the scene. Visual effects are meticulously designed and rendered. During the composition phase, we infuse additional realism into the scene by unifying colors and lighting. Sound design and extra effects are seamlessly integrated to elevate the overall experience.


Let's delve into the FX process for a FOOH video, breaking down each step in detail:

• 3D MODELING OF THE SCENE: Based on the real video, we construct a detailed 3D model of the entire scene, encompassing buildings, streets, walls, rooms, and more. This facilitates the creation of realistic shadows, reflections, and interactions between the protagonist element and the surroundings.

• MODELING OF THE 3D ELEMENTS: We meticulously recreate all elements featured in the video, ensuring accuracy in shape, textures, and colors.

• PLACEMENT OF PROTAGONISTIC ELEMENTS: Elements are strategically distributed and positioned within the scene to foster natural interactions.

• ANIMATION OF PROTAGONIST ELEMENTS: The primary characters come to life with movement and interactions, and their animations are carefully crafted.

• CREATION OF THE VISUAL EFFECTS: When required, we develop systems that bring realism to the video, whether it involves liquids, fire, destruction, fabrics, and more.

• RENDERING OF THE ENTIRE SCENE: A realistic rendering is generated, incorporating reflections, light, color, transparency, and brightness to faithfully recreate reality.

• COMPOSITION: Here we give the final touches to the FOOH video.
We create masks of all objects (trees, buildings, poles, vehicles, bridges, people, etc.) This enhances depth and realism.

/ Colorization: Colorization adjustments ensure uniformity and harmony with the video's context.

/ Additional Effects: like lighting, camera movements, transitions, speed, or blur are implemented.

/ Soundtracking: A dedicated team crafts a music and soundtrack to provide context, credibility, and realism.

/ Adaptation to different formats: Videos can be adapted to various formats, such as vertical (1080 x 1920) and horizontal (1920 x 1080), or customized screen formats at the client's request (agreed upon during the project's initiation). Note that adaptations may incur an additional cost.

/ The Final FOOH Video: The completed videos, now fine-tuned and impactful, are exported and delivered to the client. These videos have been generating significant impact on social networks and commercial premises screens.

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