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How to make a video FOOH
(Fake Out of Home)

Recording video

Here you will find some suggestions to record the basic videos  for the realization of a FOOH video.

Doing a semi-cross pan, take a shot that encompasses the entire scene.

From the front of the scene zoom in walking tow
ards the main element of the video.

From a close-up of the main element, pan aw
ay until you have the whole shot on the screen (zoom out).

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-29 121210.png

WHIT DRONE: At a medium height, make a semi circle movement covering the entire scene in a general plane. If the scene requires it and it is possible, do a 360° movement.

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-29 121253.png

WHIT DRONE: Pan from the top to the bottom, zooming in on the main element, you can also zoom in on an entrance door, window or prominent element of the main element.

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-29 121323.png

WHIT DRONE: From an open general plane, the drone begins a journey surrounding and approaching the main object, ending in some shape or object that it wants to highlight or intervene in.

These are just a few suggestions, each video will have its own recording needs. What is essential to have is a 360° or 180° shot to make the 3D model of the scene.

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