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How to make a video FOOH
(Fake Out of Home)

Answers to frequently asked questions

Questions and answers on FOOH video development

• How long does it take to create a video?

The estimated time is 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the video.

This time is contemplated from the approval of the idea and the delivery of information and necessary material from the client.

• In which format should the video of the scene to be intervened be recorded?

The video of the scene to be intervened is recorded in any format, mp4, avi, quicktime, waw among others and in the highest resolution possible.

Preferably in horizontal format.

With drone, camera or mobile.

• Follow-up of the process by the customer?

There will be three phases of review in the process, and any changes must be made during the corresponding phase as follows: 

Arrangement and placement of the elements in the scene. 

Animation and movement of the elements. 

Colorization and rendering. 

If there are changes after these three revisions, they will have an additional cost.

• How the customer delivers 3D models?

If the client has the 3D models of his products or characters, he can deliver them in any format (Example: OBJ, FVX, ABC, BLEND) including textures, UV and animation, if any. 

If you do not ha
ve them, we will create the 3D models based on photographs of all sides of the product or object.

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